We know that some clients occasionally struggle to come up with inspiration for their printed newsletters or want fresh ideas so here are twenty content ideas for your company or internal newsletter.

By breaking down the idea generation into three main areas – namely Human Resources, Product / Service and Marketing / Sales it should make the process a simpler:

Human Resources

Often the majority of content comes from the HR or Personnel Department as this areas produces the most people related stories and articles. The human interest aspect is important for your newsletter and ideas include:

  • Latest new starters or leavers and personnel announcements
  • Changes or updates to internal company policies
  • Leadership / management team announcements / updates
  • A “Day in the Life” of a member of the team
  • Employee accomplishments such as long service, personal achievements
  • Spotlight on individual employees or maybe Q & A’s
  • Local / community projects
  • Latest events – upcoming or reviews of past events
  • Charity, fundraising or CSR news and updates
Product / Service

Consider what you can highlight about your product or service offering and how you can harness this news – ideas include:

  • General product / service news
  • New product(s) / service updates
  • Company performance and / or revenue updates
  • Latest work in progress
Marketing & Sales

Often the most exciting news comes from the marketing or sales teams as this is customer-facing and is the area that brings in the money – things like events, awards and case studies are a great way to show your product / service in action too:

  • Industry or sector insight / comment
  • Awards news – be that submissions, nominations or victories
  • Special event announcements
  • Social media spotlight and what’s happening online
  • Latest positive news coverage / company PR activities
  • Review and highlights of recent blog posts
  • Customer case studies or success stories

We recommend that rather than trying to come up with a complete newsletter all in one go which may run into many articles totalling thousands of words, the process of content creation is much more simple when it is divided up into more manageable areas.

Our clients tell us that coming up with newsletter content can be achieved more efficiently when the tasks are shared amongst individuals or departments and coordinated centrally.